Patient-Centered Approach to Hearing

Here at Village Ear at Connect Hearing, we put patients first when by providing the best hearing care services and hearing aid technology available in the industry.


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Our Patients Love Our Friendly Office

You will not find a more caring and friendly staff and we always put the needs of our patients first – that is our GUARANTEE! Our staff is committed to providing the VERY BEST, most thorough and effective treatment to its patients. Our impeccable reputation is proof of that commitment. In addition, we pride ourselves on treating our patients with the most advanced and up-to-date technology the industry offers.


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Our Hearing Aids Are Powerful, Modern & Virtually Undetectable

Better hearing is more than just good hearing aids. Better hearing is a professionally skilled Hearing Healthcare Provider that is knowledgeable in the latest testing protocol and technology that delivers better hearing to the patient.


Your Ears Are In Good Hands

3 convenient, golf cart-accessible locations

There’s never been a better time to start hearing what you’ve been missing! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!